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Frequently Asked Questions

You might find the answer to your question here - if not please get in touch!

BoatKeeper offers so many great features we have deliberately tried to avoid going into any details at all on this site. Get in touch and we’ll tell you about everything in detail - ask us what you would like to do and we’ll be happy to show you how BoatKeeper can help. Don’t forget the service is also constantly being refined and expanded. We added many new features outside our original specs in development and will add more in response to your requests.
You need a minimum of just one tablet device to administer the service and wifi access. We need some simple information from you in order to design the service and customize it to your exact specifications. You only need your berth holders names and email addresses and then invite them to access BoatKeeper using their mobile devices with a few clicks of the mouse on the web admin.
BoatKeeper is charged on a per owner/vessel/berth basis for a small monthly charge based on marina size. There’s no setup charge and the service requires little or no investment in technology to launch. All costs are agreed upfront and an agreement signed prior to launching the service. Some marinas pass on the monthly charge to berth holders whilst other absorb it into their costs. Marinas can have additional account for visitors if they wish.
BoatKeeper connects people and gives them the tools they need to communicate and share vital information in real-time. All instantly accessible via your mobile devices wherever you are. An admin has overall control, managers and security control day-to-day operations and users can access the entire system and connect with other owners and staff using their smartphones whenever they wish.
We’ve done all the hard work for you and can setup your marina within 48 hours. We simply consult with you to design your system, explain how to operate the system and get the resources we need to set everything up for you - images, logos, color choices, etc. We then let you test the system for a few days before launch and ensure you have the right info to launch the service smoothly. Although the system pretty much runs itself we’re always available to help with technical support and advice whenever you may need it.
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BoatKeeper Specs

What you need to enjoy BoatKeeper...

  • iOS & Android (Coming Soon) User App

    Allows access to invited berth holders, visitors, guests, crew and others only and delivers an environment specifically customized to your marina - title, logo and background image. Requires iPhone 5 and above or iPod Touch, running iOS7 or higher, or Android device (upon release) and wifi access. Main features include: profile control and access management, multimedia messaging to other users, security and admins, private access to marina directory, direct messaging, in-app reporting, timed status notifications, targeted interactive requests, push notifications and email messages if required.

  • iOS & Android (Coming Soon) Manager & Security App

    Tablet-based customized admin app allows day-to-day operation of the service by managers and security. Requires iPad running iOS8 or Android device (upon release) and wifi access. Main features include: multimedia messaging, directory management, inter-admin communications, security info service and creation of gate events and publication of security log, access to all marina info and total marina audit trail publication, push notifications and email messages if required.

  • Web Admin Interface

    Your admin has access to a web-based interface to control and moderate the whole system using any modern browser.

  • Internet Access

    Just add good WiFi and you are ready to go!

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Why not partnerwith us?

Offer you clients something new & different - open up a new revenue stream.

  • Complimentary Service for the same market

    BoatKeeper harnesses our the same technology we have developed for our core business and sits perfectly with most dedicated, specialized marina software solutions. We certainly have no interest in trying to compete with the existing and established solutions in the market. However as we have a complementary service and you already have existing clients it offers a great opportunity for everyone. BoatKeeper will happily sit alongside existing technology and only require one tech-savvy admin to extend the reach of technology throughout the marina without any risk to core services, the need for significant investment or tech know how. However it will give you the tools to enhance and extend the community and open up new business opportunities exponentially.

  • We can take care of all the technical stuff

    Aside from the customized setup and design for each marina we also tach care of all support issues, updates and most importantly training and on-going development for BoatKeeper so your involvement can be as much or as little as you wish. Whether you just want to offer an introduction or give your client a seamless service incorporating BoatKeeper, the choice is all yours.

  • Easy & rewarding to deal with

    We’re very flexible and will always try and do whatever we can to make things work in the best way for all concerned. We want to build long term, win-win relationships that work and believe our priority is to aim to do more and better deals that work for everyone whenever possible,

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